A belated but huge thank you to our QinetiQ colleagues

When Elaine I left QinetiQ for the last time we had both worked for the company for more than 15 and 14 years, respectively. In that time we had built up a fantastic network of colleagues who are amongst our closest friends and who will remain our friends always. It was a real privilege working alongside you all.

When we left at the end of September 2010 we did so at a time when QinetiQ was, like many of its peers, going through an aggressive exercise of downsizing. As a result it was laying off a great many employees.

So it was with this backdrop that Elaine and I also left, and despite the large number of fellow employees leaving the company around the same time, our friends and colleagues gave us a really great send-off.

We haven’t had a chance, until now, to let our QinetiQ colleagues know just how grateful we both were for all of your kind wishes and your extraordinary generosity at our leaving event. Thank you all so much for the kind words that you captured in all of our cards: we’ll cherish your good wishes.

About Cameron Speirs

Born and brought up in the Scottish Highlands, Cameron, has been interested in outdoor pursuits since he was a wee lad. Over the last few decades he has climbed extensively in the Italian Dolomites as well as summiting the Matterhorn and several other 4000m alpine peaks. Closer to home he has spent many wonderful weekends mountaineering and biking in Snowdonia, Cairngorms, Glen Coe, Skye and Lochaber.
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2 Responses to A belated but huge thank you to our QinetiQ colleagues

  1. Steve says:

    Hey, I must have been having a helluva time since you guys left, cos it only seems a few weeks ago since you were both in the office – was it really Sept 2009 ??
    Glad to see you’re enjoying some great Scottish culture – I’ve just entered a competition for a break in Fife !
    The weather here is pants too…the deluge has started.

    • Cameron says:

      Well spotted Steve. Yipp should have said 2010, not 2009! Time would have really have flown otherwise. Great to hear from you. Cheers, Cameron.

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